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Media and Public Affairs Building

805 21st Street, NW

A six-story brick and glass building sits at a street intersection

The Media and Public Affairs Building (MPA) is home to GW?s School of Media and Public Affairs, the Graduate School of Political Management and the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration, along with a number of centers and institutes. Here students learn about media, public policy and public affairs in classrooms, study areas and auditoriums, and have access to a professional-grade broadcast studio that offers full TV production, digital sound and video recording capabilities. In the Jack Morton Auditorium, journalists and policymakers alike converge to explore the issues of the day, from CNN?s Jake Tapper hosting a live town hall with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly discussing the role of his agency in keeping Americans safe. Last but not least, the Luther Brady Art Gallery on the building?s second floor features the university?s art collection.

360? Views
A panoramic view of buildings at the corner of 21st and H streets.A panoramic shot of the lobby of the Media and Public Affairs Building, with entrance to the Jack Morton Auditorium.A panoramic view of a painting exhibition.