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1957 E Street (Elliott School of International Affairs)

1957 E Street

Close-up of exterior building signage
The Elliott School of International Affairs

1957 E Street is home to the George Washington University?s renowned Elliott School of International Affairs. The building was formally opened in 2003 by then-Secretary of State Colin Powell, a GW alumnus.

The Elliott School?s three-part mission is to educate global leaders, to conduct research and produce scholarship on important international issues and to engage in and shape the global dialogue on international affairs. The school?s proximity to U.S. and international organizations puts its scholars and students in a powerful position to address policy problems as they unfold, and it draws world leaders to 1957 E Street to address some of the most important issues of our times. The building is also home to the City View Room and the State Room, which are popular spaces for holding events on campus.